Control Your Ca$h 

  • Get proactive, not reactive about your personal finances.
  • Snapshot - Get a crystal clear picture so that you know where your money is going.
  • Download your free budget spreadsheet.

My story started a little over two years ago. Can you believe that? I went my entire adult life without knowing how to budget.

STORYTIME: Let's keep it to the point. One day ish was hitting the fan. I was in over my head in credit card debt and I had no idea what to do so I sought out a financial advisor.

After anchoring down in literally just a few days, no joke, I paid off a 23% interest rate card that I had for over three years! Crazy right?! My credit score shot up and I was off to the races.

Does this sound like you? Are you wasting money, not knowing where it's going each month with no clear financial goals in sight?

We created these products because we believe that it's a natural human right that everyone learns how to budget.

- Sequoia

Why didn't someone teach me how to do this in college? BEYOND ANNOYING!

STORYTIME: I had been making over six-figures and not seeing any of the profit. Why? Because I had no clue how to budget. Seeing my friends with less money than me, being able to purchase homes and make investments inspired me to get it together.

I hired a coach and now I realize that once you have the formula, it's super simple, so we set out and created this straightforward process just for you!

- Renee

The only monthly budgeting spreadsheet you will ever need!

  • Know where every dollar is going
  • Reveal where you are wasting money
  • Use that money to knock out other financial goals

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